Slots Glossary

Online slots or casinos in general have become a very popular way for people that are not in close proximity to a live casino to gamble. While there are many laws and such that govern the use of online casinos, most have the opportunity to play as much as they would like.

Still it is imperative that a person learn what they are doing when playing any kind of online gambling game. Online slots are no different. If you go in blind it is very possible to lose your entire bank roll and walk with nothing in a very short period of time.

Below you will find a standard glossary of terms that will help you better under the online slots that you are playing.


This is a space on a slot machine wheel where no symbol appears. In some casinos this is also known as a ghost.

Bonus Game:

This is an online slot machine that features an additional game that is played that does not require additional betting. This is usually accessed by a series of symbols appearing on the pay lines.

Bonus Multipliers:

When playing an online slot machine that has a bonus multiplier players can win a higher jackpot amount for playing the maximum amount of coins as allowed by the machine.


In the online casino world comps come in the form of free play and free casino chips. Some locations offer bonus codes that multiply the deposit made giving the player more money to start with.


This is normally known as the house advantage. This is the mathematical percentage that tells how much the player will win compared to the amount the casino itself will win on any given slot machine.


This is the amount of money that a slot machine pays which is then compared to the amount that it pays out on a regular basis. Certain areas of the world have laws that govern how much a slot has to pay back.


This is the top prize that the slot machine will pay. Some machines will have jackpots that are constantly going up, see progressive slots.

Loose Slot:

This term refers to a slot machine that is paying a high percentage of the bets back to the player. Many also refer to this as a “good” machine.

Max Bet:

This is the highest number of coins or credits that you can play per spin on a slot machine. This is also the highest level of payouts when a winning combination falls.

Multi-Line Slot:

As opposed to many of the older slot machines, the multi-line slot has several pay lines where winning symbols can come to rest.

Pay Table:

The pay table on a slot machine refers to the guide that tells the combination of winning symbols. This also shows what a player can win based on the number of coins or credits that are bet.

Payout Percentage:

A number generated by computer that shows how often a winning combination will appear on a pay line in a gambling session.


This refers to playing a slot machine with the money that the player has earned, essentially giving all the money won back to the same machine.

Progressive Slot:

A progressive slot has a jackpot that is always increasing in value for each spin of the slot machine. Normally only a maximum bet will trigger a progressive jackpot win.


Random number generator. This is the system used to determine when a slot machine will payout and for how much.

Slot Tournament:

This is a tournament hosted by a casino where players start out with the same amount of credits and whoever has the most at the end of the tournament wins a cash prize.

Video Slot:

This is basically part slot machine and part video game. This has become a very popular version of the slot. Video slots often offer bonuses and other multipliers making the game more exciting.

Wild Symbol:

This is a symbol that will substitute for almost all symbols on the reels. However, most of the progressive games do not allow wild wins.

Winning Combination:

This is a combination of symbols that produces a win on the pay lines.

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