Slots Strategy

Slot machines have a long rich history in the world. They are one of the most popular forms of gambling that the world has ever seen. This is due to the fact that they are easy to use and most often it is all about luck. You have to note that the odds are in favour of the house when it comes to the slot machines but there is also a chance that you could win big time.

The more that you are playing the online slots you will notice that you are getting better at knowing what you should and should not do. This is all part of developing a proper strategy for winning. The whole point is to win. You may not strike it rich with the jackpot each and every time but you will most likely leave the casino with some money.

That is why it is important for you to make sure that you are playing the online slots the right way. You should not just go into the casino and start dropping coins. That is the way that many people do it and as such they are the ones that are going to make a big mistake. In the end they are simply wasting their money.

Below you will find simple steps to use for online slots strategies that will help you win more often. You will also find that you are getting a clearer picture of the slots and how they are operating. This is vital to any successful online slots play.

Machine Choice

The first order of business is to ensure that you are playing the right machine. This is something that is very important to the overall success that you will have. Most often you will be able to know which machine is right based on the type of machine.

You should avoid the three reel old fashioned machines. This is something that is going to cost you a lot of money and not pay you a lot. Most often the draw of the three reel machines is the fact that they are cheap. Do not be sucked in. They are cheap yes but they are also small on the payouts. The lower the payouts the worse off you will be.

You should stay with the video style machines. These are often times much like video games and offer greater payouts. Looking for the machines that are offering the greatest payout amounts. This is something that will help you get the most from the spins.


There are those out there that will tell you that betting the maximum number of coins per spin is always the way to go. Well that is not the way to do it and as a matter of fact if you get a bad machine that school of thinking can deplete your bank roll in a hurry. What you should be doing is actually betting smart. This is a simple process where you are making bets that work with the wins of the machine.

You should start off with a small bet, maybe one coin per line. You should always play all of the lines that are available though. This is something that is important. If you do not play all of the lines then you will most likely be losing some of the wins that will appear.

Starting off small you should watch the pattern of the machine. If you are getting some good wins and building up the credits then you can start to gradually increase the bets. Once you have built a decent amount of credits with the machine you can move to two coins per line.

You should continue with this pattern while playing the machine. However, you need to be sure that you are working with the machine. If something happens and it starts to go cold on you then do not continue betting in this manner. You should cash out and start the process all over again with another machine.


Of all the machines that you can play in the online casinos the progressive machines are easily the best. You should seek out these machines and play them as long as you possibly can. The main reason is that you are going to have the chance for a much larger payout that is based on how often the machine has been played.

The issue with the progressive machines is that you have to play the maximum amount of coins to be eligible for the progressive payout. This is something that makes it more difficult to protect your bank roll. As such you should be careful how often you are betting with the machine.

A good rule of thumb is twenty spins. If you have not hit some kind of significant payout within those twenty spins then you need to be sure that you are moving on to a new machine.

You can also move around the casino and check out the different machines. You can gauge a machine based on the size of the progressive payout. The ones that have the largest payout have been played the most.


On the video machines you have the opportunity to make some serious money through the bonus rounds. These are extra games that are within the slot machine and are given to the player when a certain combination of symbols appears in the pay lines. Many of the experts believe that the bonus machines will give you the most money next to the progressive machines.

One of the great things about the bonus machines is that you are not having to pay extra coins for the bonus round. Once the bonus appears you are playing on the house. This means that any money that you happen to win will just be extra on top of what you have already won. Most of the time the bonus is based on the number of coins that you have bet per line. The higher number of coins the better the payout from the bonus rounds.

Free Spins

Many of the online slot machines feature free spin bonus rounds that are a great way to get some extra coins. In this case you will simply get a set number of free spins on the machine when a certain symbol combination appears on the pay lines. This is a great draw for many players and as such you will also find that you can make some serious extra money from the spins themselves.

If you are playing the right kind of machine then you will get double or even triple the normal pay on the free spins. This is something that is imperative to the process of successful online slots. You should always pick out the machines that are offering you the most for the coins that you are playing.

Coin Values

One thing that you have to watch with the online slots is the coin values. You might think that sitting down to machine that offers a penny coin value is a great deal. Well the thing is that a penny machine has a maximum bet of near five dollars. This is something that will deplete a bank roll in a hurry.

The best method for protecting your bank roll is to be sure that you are playing a machine that takes fewer coins to play. Most often you want to limit the amount of coins per line to five. This will ensure that you are not getting in over your head with the price of the bets per line.

You will also find that you are getting the most from the slot machine. When you are able to play the maximum number of coins without breaking the bank then you are going to be able to get the better payouts more often.

The best thing to do is manage the amount of money that you have to spend. Spread it around and make the most of the money before you leave the casino.

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