Sports Betting Odds

Sports odds are said to represent the contract between a bettor and the sportsbook or maker of the bet. The odds actually specify the return a bettor would get if the side the bettor chose wins the contest. Sports odds are generally set by a person called an odds maker, bookie or book maker. Sports odds can also be made by computers now, that analyse the prior performance of whatever the odds will be on, to make future predictions on the performance for the sports odds to be set.

Most all sports odds are set and expressed as ratios such as 2 to 1 odds, which means for every one pound that is bet, a bettor would get a return of £2 if that side wins. Betting the favorite is generally a sure fire win, but the return or odds are quite a bit lower. Sports odds can fluctuate quite a bit prior to a game, and this is due to the fact that others are betting on the game as well. If a majority of bettors are placing bets on the underdog, the sports odds could be changed so much that the payoff for all the underdog bets are significantly lower. But, it is important to remember that when you place your bet, you lock in your sports odds ratio, so it will not matter what others bet after your bet is placed.

The sports book or casino if playing online, can make money by charging a commission or even keeping a small portion of your winnings. In this way, they are able to make money even if the competition goes south, and they change their sports odds over time so that they keep more money on both sides of the winning or losing bet. There are a few types of sports odds that are set when betting. These depend on the type of sports, or what happens during a sporting event. This would include proposition bets, where you may bet on which team will run more yards. Another type is the spread bet, where you bet on one team to beat the other team by a certain amount of points. There are also over and under bets, which are also called betting the clock, where the sports odds maker says a number that is expected to be the total points combined by both teams, and you choose to bet on whether you think it will be higher or lower than what is specified.

There are many online websites that offer sports odds at all hours of the day, to help bettors be more informed prior to betting. Such sites include but are not limited to Sports-odds, Vegas Insider, Scores and Odds, Covers and SportsBook. Each of these sites can be visited and bettors can find sports odds on any kind of game being played from football to hockey. The most popular games that sports odds are sought for include football, horse racing, NASCAR racing and basketball including pro and college teams.