Different Variations Of Poker

There are many variations to the card game of poker, most all were created in the early to middle 1900’s in the United States. The general way of playing poker applies to most all of the variations of poker, but there are different details such as values of cards, a number of rounds that allow betting and how or what cards are dealt are just some of the differences in the games.

There are 3 games of poker that are the most popular including draw, stud and community card. Draw poker players are dealt complete hands that are not seen, and then have the option of replacing cards. The most popular version of draw is the five card draw. Stud poker games that are the most popular include five card and seven card stud. These games require that each player is dealt some cards face up with others face down, and offers many different betting rounds. The number of cards dealt face up depends on the game being played. Community card poker requires a player to be dealt a hidden hand along with community dealt face up cards to create a full hand. The most popular versions of this game are Texas Hold’em and Omaha.

There are many rules that are applied to these games, but some of the variations are listed below.

A high-low split in these games means that the highest and lowest hands split the entire pot, and there is normally a qualifier for each low hand. In most games, the rank of poker cards are used so that unsuited straights always win low hand. In variants where the low hand wins, straights and flushes have no meaning; the best low hand to have in these cases is the 5 through Ace whether it is suited or not.

Lowball means that the lowest of all hands wins, and each game has different rules on whether the ace counts as 1 or 11, so it will affect flushes or straights. Most common variants that this rule applies to are 2-7 Triple Draw or Razz.

Some games require that players can pass off cards to one another, and an example of this is the game Anaconda.

Kill games mean that when a game is a fixed limit, a player can win two pots in a row and the stakes are then doubled. Some games such as Omaha where players win both halves of the pot can cause a kill. Some variants of lowball allow players to cause a kill by using a double bet after looking at the first two cards. Also, some games allow for wild cards to be added such as deuces wild.

Twist rounds are commonly added in certain games. This is simply a round where players buy cards from the deck, and if he or she doesn’t like the card, they can buy another card by adding to the pot; this is commonly called a tittle.

Stripped decks can be used for some games. Original poker games were made to be played with only 20 cards, so many players will follow this rule and only play with a stripped deck.

Double flip variants also commonly called doomsday, were created so that busted players can still stay in the game. If players are considered heads up or only two players are left, one player is all in and calls then a double flip occurs. All previous players are then reintroduced to the game and the pot is split between inactive players.