Playing Poker For Free

There are many places online to play poker for free, including many casino and poker sites. Many of the largest internet service providers such as AOL and Yahoo have a gaming section on their home pages, and this includes areas to play poker for free. However, if you are interested in playing poker for free but being able to win actual money, one site through AOL allows this called Pogo. It does require membership at the site, and there are two options for membership. There is a free membership available which only allows certain games to be played, and no cash to be won. There is a paid membership that is very inexpensive that will allow a member to play poker for free and also have a chance at the jackpot that is available for each type of poker game. Texas hold’em, Omaha and many others such as draw games are all available for play. Tournaments do take place on a regular basis, and this is yet another chance to win real money by playing poker for free.

If you are looking for online casino sites or gambling sites that offer poker for free, there are few. Most of these professional sites do offer a patron the chance to try out their site by giving some free credits or an hour of free play to play certain games, but these generally do not include table games of any kind; simply slots. Once you become a member of the site and pay to open your account, you can play many poker games, but none are free to enter or play. Bets still must be made by the hand or game rules as well as some requiring a buy in to even sit. Therefore if you are looking to play poker for free, it is best to avoid the online gambling sites.

Poker forums generally offer members the chance to play poker for free. By doing a general search for poker forums, the top 6 listed each offer members the option of playing poker for free. This requires no buy in, in most cases and the top 3 actually offer a tournament if a member chooses to participate. However, be warned that even in these free to join forums, there are instances where payment is required in order to sit for a game. These payments may be as small as $0.50 but it is still not free.

Many large game sites that offer a variety of flash games do offer members a chance to play poker for free. These sites under no circumstances offer cash as a means of prizes, but do allow players to enjoy the game without the pressure of payment. Most of these sites do not even require a person to join, but to simply navigate the site to the poker game they wish to play, and take part. There are no strings attached to these sites, there is no fee to pay and no prize won unless they are non-cash prizes such as are found on Iwon or Iwin.