7 Card Stud Rules


The 7 Card Stud rules are different then the other games that are played with the stud version. Overall there is a lot to remember and you should note that playing this game without knowing all of the rules could result in a tremendous loss of money. That is why you should take a look at the 7 Card Stud rules below to ensure that you know what you are getting into.

The Basics

While 7 Card Stud Poker was played around the same time and in the same card rooms as 5 card draw it does not share much in the way that it is played. 7 Card Stud , like the name suggests is played by stud rules which means that there is no draw for the hand. The cards that you are dealt are the cards that you have to play like them or not. So you have to get used to the fact that you are not going to get anymore cards then the ones that you have in your hand.

Furthermore you will have many cards out on the table that all of the players will be able to see. This is where it differs from other versions of poker. In most other instances the other players are having to guess what the player has but in 7 Card Stud the players will know mostly what you are carrying.

Despite the fact that you are getting seven cards you have to make the best poker hand out of five cards. This is a standard for the games that are played. The best five cards are those that win the game. You should learn the order of the hands if you are not sure about how to play the game. This is an important step in making sure that you are playing the game properly.


Unlike Texas Hold’em and other like games there are no blinds in 7 Card Stud . Instead the game uses Ante to get the game started. This is where all of the players must enter a certain amount into the pot to get the game started. This is something that will keep the game interesting and moving along as all players are having to bet on each hand that is played.

The rest of the betting will begin once the cards are dealt. This is simple and follows a similar pattern to many other poker games. The cards are always dealt to the left of the dealer and then continue around the table.

First Cards

Once the ante has been placed the dealer will give each player three cards, two down and one up. This is known as third street in poker slang. These are the first cards that the players will bet on during the hand.

The betting begins with the player that has the lowest card showing. If there is a tie for this then the suits will decide the bettor. Clubs start the betting and it goes from there. Once the first round of betting has begun the players have several options. They can check, bet, or raise. There is often a standard for how much must be bet and a limit on the maximum that can be bet.

Fourth Street

The fourth street deal is where the dealer will give each player another card that is face up. It is important to note that unlike Texas Hold’em, the dealer is not burning a card when dealing. All cards will stay in play during the 7 Card Stud rounds. This is due to the fact that so many cards have to be played for a full table of players.

The betting begins on the fourth street with the player who has the highest poker hand showing. In most cases this is either a pair or a high card set that will start the betting. Once the betting has begun the players then have the opportunity to raise or fold depending on what they have in their hands.

Fifth Street

The fifth street betting round begins with another card being dealt to the players face up. Just like the previous rounds the player that has the highest poker hand will begin the betting process.

Sixth Street

The sixth street is the exact same as the previous cards. It is dealt face up and all the players that wish to stay in the game must bet starting with the player that has the highest poker hand.

The River

The river is the final card in 7 Card Stud and has to be dealt to the players face down. This is very similar to other stud version games where it keeps the other players guessing if the player has managed to make that big hand that they were trying for.

Once the river has been dealt then the final round of betting can begin. Once again the betting starts with the player that has the highest ranking poker hand showing on the table.

When the betting begins the players all have a chance to bet, check, raise or fold. Those wishing to raise can keep the pot going for a while. The rest of the players are then required to match the raised bet or fold out once it is their turn to bet.

The Showdown

The showdown is what most games refer to as the call. In the showdown the player that was last to raise the bet must show their hand. This will then lead to the other players that have stayed in the game showing their hands to challenge for the win. The dealer will have the final say in the game as to who has the highest five card hand.


There are several different ways that you can play 7 Card Stud . The high low version is one that is very popular. Basically you are betting on the different hands in the game, being the high hand and the low hand. You want to have one or the other and then bet accordingly.

There is also pot limit. In pot limit there is a limit on the amount that you can bet that is based on the pot size. In most cases this changes throughout the game based on how much is bet.

You will also note that many of the tables in the casinos have a two tier system for betting. They will have two dollar amounts listed for the table. This will move differently through the game. You will start off with the smaller amount and then the maximum amount will be played later when several cards have been dealt.

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