7 Card Stud Strategy

In the world of professional poker players there are literally hundreds of ways that 7 Card Stud can be played. These are known as strategies and each one if different from the other. More often than not you will note that the players that have been successful in large tournaments will start teaching a strategy that is based on the way that they played the game during the tournament.

That is something that is common and you may want to learn to avoid all of those kinds of strategies because they are specific to a very certain field of play. What you are actually looking for is something that is far more general and will allow you to make some money when the chips are down. These are much harder to come by and they are also a bit harder to learn.

This is because there is so much to learn when it comes to 7 Card Stud. This is not a game that any beginner can sit down and play with ease. There are betting strategies that must be followed as well as certain rules of play that must be followed as well. Through it all you need to be sure that you are having fun. Even the players that are betting huge amounts of money are having fun and not stressing over the game.

Below you will find several strategies that have been posted over the years. Each one has its own merit and should be taken accordingly. Of course there is no guarantee because once the cards have fallen there is the chance that you are going to lose to a stronger hand no matter what you do.

Beginners Strategy

Anyone that has ever played for money will tell you that there are some basic skills that you must learn when playing 7 Card Stud. This is vital if you are going to have any kind of success at all. Over time you will find that more people are learning from actually playing the game and you can do the same thing once you have mastered a few simple skills.

First and foremost you must learn to keep track of the cards that are in play or were in play. This is the cards that you can see on the table when you are playing a hand of 7 Card Stud. You must also make sure that you are keeping track of the cards that were folded. This is for a reason. You must know what cards are still left so that you know what you can make for your hand.

You should also learn to have patience. This is one of the most important things that you can do when you are wanting to learn to play poker for money. When you do not have patience then you will simply start to make the wrong bets and the other players around the table will be able to read that. When they do then they are going to take advantage of that and you will end up on the losing end of the game.

Discipline is also vital. The more that you teach yourself to be disciplined in the area of play then the better chance that you will become successful. Over time you will realise that the players that have taught themselves to show no emotion at all and are simply sitting there playing the game will be the most successful at the tables.

Discipline also enters into the equation when it comes to bank roll management. You will find that betting smarter will help you maintain the proper amount of money and keep you running longer then if you simply start betting large chunks.

Intermediate Strategy

When you have mastered the skills listed above then you are ready to move on and start working the tables a bit more. This is something that should be thought out because the players will be far more difficult to handle at the higher dollar tables. Many of them may be playing for a living and that is where you have to learn to fight your way through.

With the intermediate level of play you must learn to know the hands that will get you somewhere. This is where the idea of the starting hands will come into play. Each and every poker player out there will tell you that the starting hand is the most important aspect of the game. You must know what you are starting with to know what will come to pass on the table.

Most of the experts agree that a three of a kind is the best hand that you can start with in 7 Card Stud poker. This is a place where you are open to some great hands. Now this hand will not suit you well if you are hoping to run the table and all three of the cards are face up. It is best when you are dealing with a round of cards where at least one is face down and the others are face up.

Another good hand is nines or better. This is a good hand when you have at least one card face down. This way you can run the table and probably pull at least a three of a kind out and maybe even a full house if you are lucky when the cards fall. More often than not though you will have to fight through those that are looking for the straight draw.

Three cards to draw a straight is one of the less useful hands but can be powerful if you play it right. When you have to draw to a three card then you are looking at a lot of cards that might already be in someone’s hand. You should be sure that you are playing the field properly in this instance.

Three cards to a flush is one of the hardest hands to make. This is because you have to be sure that you are getting in on the draw early enough. Most often this hand will only when you have ensured that at least one card is down and you are not showing to the rest of the players. Be careful when drawing to this and betting heavy because it is possible for another player to be working the same hand.

Expert Strategy

One of the most important aspects of the experts is to know how to read the people that you are playing with. This is vital because if you cannot read the people then you are simply not going to be able to run the table. You have to know who is betting and why. You also have to know how a person is playing before you simply sit down and start playing against them.

You should first start by checking the body language of the players. This will give things away on most of the people that you are playing with. Those that have different movements for different hands is very common. A person may sit forward when they are bluffing and sit back when they have a good hand and so on. This is the kind of signal that you need.

This changes when you are playing the online versions of the game. You should note the length of time it takes for a player to make a bet. Most often this is going to be best clue you will have as to the hand that they are holding.

Playing online does change a lot of things for the poker player. You are looking at something that is a lot different because you have no way to see the other players. You also have no clue as to their skill level. But most of the pros will tell you that playing in the online poker rooms is far better because you are able to hone your betting skills and so on.

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