Omaha Strategy

To win at Omaha Poker you need to have a solid strategy. That is where you need to study how others have played and learn from them. Below you will find the basics of Omaha strategy and what you need to know to make sure that you are winning most hands whenever you sit down to a table.

The Basics

Omaha is a close related cousin to Texas Hold’em, many believe that the game of Omaha was developed based on Texas Hold’em as a whole. However, there are some major differences that you must be aware of to make sure that you are playing the game correctly.

First off is the fact that Omaha is a stud version of poker. That means that you will not be able to draw any cards once you have the hand in front of you. You will be playing with whatever cards are dealt as will the rest of the players at the table.

You will also note that you will be dealt four hole cards rather than two like in Texas Hold’em. Most of the people find this to be one of the major differences that is hard to work with. You will be able to use only two of the hole cards that are dealt to you in the game.

Finally you must understand that while you will get community cards on the table, five of them, you can only use three of them to make the best five card hand. Unlike Texas Hold’em, you cannot play the street when you are playing Omaha poker. You have to be sure that you are using at least two of the hole cards for the winning combination.

Early Betting

When it comes to games like Omaha you need to rely on the early betting to set the tone for how the hand will go. Early betting is the best way for you to start running the table and getting the other players to make a mistake that will cost them the hand early on.

Most of the time you have to understand that only a strong hand should be bet strong in the early goings. However, you can easily bet with the bluff early on if you are confident enough in your skills to play the hand. Most often the most skilled players will play a weak hand and come out strong which moves many of the weaker players off the table early.

You can also make a small play with the first bet and then continue with the heavy betting after a raise has been laid. This only works when you are sure that you are able to bounce several of the weaker players in the early game.

Over Betting

One of the best strategies that you can use with the Omaha poker game is to over bet a hand early. This is used in the World Series of Poker by many of the top pros as they know how to make people bet like they want. Over time this will earn you more money when you have managed to get people into the pot that should have folded out.

The main issue with over betting is making people believe that you are bluffing. This is easy to do in most cases because you will come out strong and then continue to bet the pot or more depending on the version you are playing. This works best with the no limit style of Omaha but can be used with pot limit if you are careful.

Once you have set the stage for the players to start betting you will need to continue to bet the maximum that you can. This is where you will continue to draw in the players and work the right side of the hand. The more that you are betting the more that you will convince the other players that you have nothing in your hand.

Later Stage

Another version of betting in this game is to make sure that you are holding out the bet until the last cards have fallen. Over time you will come to realise that you are getting more with this version because you have managed to bring the best to the table.

Later stage betting is only for those hands that are sure to win. Most of the pros reserve this style of play for hands like a flush or full house. The main danger in playing this way with a weaker hand is coming across someone that has a better hand. You will end up betting against a stronger hand and then in the call you will lose the pot.

That is why there are certain criteria for late stage betting. Always make sure that you are betting on a winning hand. You can determine this by what is on the table, the community cards should be in favour of only one or two good hands for the entire table and you should make sure that you are getting the best of the two.

You should always slow play with the late stage betting as well. If you seem to be overzealous then you are going to give yourself away. Play to the time limit for the table and ensure that you are not making a very poor call.


Bluffing is one of the skills that you need to learn when you are dealing with the likes of Omaha. There is a real skill involved here and when you have mastered it then you will be able to make some great moves and take the table the way that you want it.

This is exactly why you see the players in the World Series of Poker wearing sunglasses. They have good reason for this, they do not want their eyes to give them away, which is known as a tell. When you have a tell it is something that gives away the outcome of the hand to the other players and you want to be able to hide it.

You should work on keeping a straight face during play and always making sure that you are not giving anything away. Over time you will learn that having something to keep your mind on, like a poker chip, will ensure that you are able to focus your energy and not give away what you have in your hand.

When you are trying to bluff you must be sure that you are not coming out weak. The best method to ensure a win is to come out with confidence and always be the top of the pile.

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