Free Bets Online

There is no such thing as free bets online, but there are free bets sites. One in particular is the cent sports site, where all the bets are ad supported so you don’t ever pay a penny over your actual bet. Many sites will require a fee to place a bet, and if you visit an ad supported site such as the one listed above, free bets are an actual possibility. This site offers you the chance to place free bets on NFL, NHL, MLB, NCAA and many other sports. Any sport that can be found on any television in countries including Spain, Italy, Brazil, France, Mexico as well as England and Germany can be bet on through this site.

Another free bets site is named simply Free Bet. This site offers information on the best sites for free bets across the internet. Bet 365 is listed here, and offers a 100 pound deposit bonus when you deposit at least that amount. Stan James offers a 25 pound free bet bonus with a matching first deposit. Paddy power is yet another free bets site that offers free bets where you are not required to pay a fee in order to bet. Blue Square is another free bets site that guarantees some of the best odds on many different types of sports including competitions from around the world. Victor Chandler is listed on this free bets site and is called a reputable UK bookmaker, where you get $50 with a matching deposit.

Another site is called the Free Bet Info site, and offers information on all types of betting sites and bookmakers from across the internet. From horse racing to football, all the best online free bets are listed on this site for UK and US gamblers. Bet365 is again listed as well as VCBet, Totesport, 888Sport, BetFred, Canbet, Betfair and Jaxx to name a few. This site gives you the largest collection of online free bets sites available. The reason there are so many free bets sites that are UK based is due to the different gambling laws for Great Britain than are present in the US. In order to take part in any of the UK based gambling or free bets sites, it is best to consult your state and federal laws to ensure you are within bounds. Even if the free bets site is UK based, the fact that you are gambling from the US means that you must abide by US laws and regulations for online gambling and betting.

There are many laws and acts that are in place in the US for free bets, online gambling of any kind including casinos. It is recommended that the federal website be visited for updates on all of the following laws and acts. The Wire act of 1961, Travel act of 1961, Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations act of 1970, Professional and Amateur Sports Protection act of 1992 as well as all federal statues and state laws. These do change periodically and should be consulted prior to any free bets being made.