Horse Racing Betting

When dealing with horse race betting, there are some terms that all bettors should be familiar with and be able to understand prior to placing a bet. Here are a few of these terms and what they mean.

Win means that a horse must come in first in the race, while place means the horse comes in either first or second. To show means that a horse comes in any of the first three places of a race. Across the board means that the horse again, can take any of the first three spots in a race. An exacta is a bet on the top two finishing horses of a race, in the exact order they are listed. A trifecta is a bet where the first three horses named finish the race in that exact order.

Horse race betting can be a fun thing to take part in, if you know what it is you are looking at. All bettors should invest in a race program. All tracks visited will give a complimentary daily race form that lists the races that will take place the entire day at that track. This form will give information such as each horse’s name, the gate position and number as well as the race distance, purse and how the horses qualified for the race. The statistics for each horse that are available in the program will also tell how a horse performs on different tracks, including statistical data for the track they are currently running on to help bettors know how the horse will currently perform.

A tip sheet is quite useful for horse race betting. These are made by professional handicappers who simply give their opinions on the horses for each race. Although most people have more fun using the colors or names to decide who to bet on, using a tip sheet will help with horse race betting overall.

The most popular horse race betting options were listed above, and you must tell the teller that takes your bet how you want the bet to lie. Those options listed should be reviewed and then used to make horse race bets, or you will completely confuse the teller who is trying to help you wager. There is certain lingo that will help you to understand the statistics that are given in tip sheets and programs for horse race betting. A furlong is what each race is measured in, and each furlong is equal to 1/8 of a mile. The post time is the time when the first race will start for that day. In horse race betting, the purse is the amount of money that is given to the owners of the first 5 finishing horses of each race. All out means a horse that is doing their best. Also ran is a horse that finishes outside of the money. Bearing in or out means that the horse does not run a straight course, but instead runs to the inside or outside of the track. A blanket finish is when horses finish so closely that a blanket could be placed across them at the finishing line.