Intro to Online Bookmakers

Online bookmakers are a website that offers information on the book makers from the UK, North America, Europe and Australia. Online bookmakers offer betting on ice hockey, football and soccer as well as American football. Articles as well as a list of all the different book makers for a region are separated on the home page for convenience.

Online bookmakers that are the most popular for the UK includes Bet365, Ladbrokes, and Paddy Power.

Under the heading Sports Betting, Online Bookmakers allows you to click through to articles and general information on each type of sport. For North American football betting, a guide for betting on American football online is offered. This includes information on the different types of football, types of football bets including money line betting and examples of American, Decimal and European odd formats.

Under Ice Hockey betting, Online Bookmakers offers information on the sport and its leagues. General information on money line betting, and puck line betting is given along with the differences in odds formats. Recommendations for different online bookmakers are also given for this specific sport.

Under football and soccer betting, you are given a guide to betting on these games online. The differences between American football and the world game of football also known as soccer are pointed out. Since the UK and Europe make up the majority of the Football betting communities worldwide, it makes sense that this site offers information on UK bookmakers online such as Bet365, Paddy Power and bwin. Standard football bets can be easy to make according to this information, and generally are simple money line bets where a bettor bets on the winner of the game. There is a draw option outlined in this information, and some online bookmakers offer promotions about draws like Bet365. Depending on where you decide to bet, some bookmakers will give different types of bets you can make therefore it is important to check with your bookmaker prior to deciding on a bet. Draws, money lines; it can be confusing if the bookmaker you use does not offer these options. Live betting is said to be making a name for itself and in the gambling communities. Being able to be in-game is a way of adding whole other dimension to betting because it lets you bet on how the game is going right now, with odds that are constantly changing based on how each match goes.

There are many of these online bookmakers that offer live betting, these sites each offer live or in game betting as well as odds for each game that differ based on how the game goes. With Online Bookmakers’ suggestions, any gambler should be able to find a bookmaker or sports book to do business with online.