Online Betting In The UK

When looking at online betting, UK laws and restrictions differ from those in most other parts of the world. For example, online betting UK requirements include a business being either based in the UK or on the white list of businesses that are allowed to accept UK residents due to their laws. Due to online betting UK laws, any online gambling business that charges no taxes is not allowed to advertise in paper in the UK, but is allowed to advertise online. Some online sites like Ladbrokes simply pays the taxes themselves instead of charging customers, therefore they are able to advertise in the UK through any legal means. An online betting UK site such as William Hill is able to advertise through a home page that gives a message to an international site to avoid the UK laws.

Online betting UK laws state that the government is the only entity allowed to offer actual gambling inside the UK. This includes their lottery, bingo games as well as all other games of chance. In this way, taxes are able to be charged on all games and the government continues to have a line of income. In order to be able to do business in the UK, online betting UK businesses must go through a licensing procedure that includes a 3 part test. Online betting UK style includes any game of chance, sports betting of any kind as well as lotteries. At this time, the actual online betting UK market is pushing for the gaming duties to be reduced, and the government is looking at this as well as any loopholes in the budget for April.

Some sites have found ways around getting on the white list, and since August of 2009 the white list has been suspended temporarily. The UK gambling act charges much higher than normal taxes to online gambling sites, and required any online betting establishment to be approved by the Committee prior to being able to advertise in the UK. Once admitted to the white list, UK residents are able to visit the site and do business legally. White listed businesses for online betting UK style are allowed to advertise but are not held to the same regulations or tax codes that the UK Gaming Commission requires of their own businesses. This means that white listed businesses like William Hill pays more than 10 times more in taxes than any offshore casino or sports book.